That Affect Your Window Cleaning Schedule

Regular window cleaning services not only maintain the value of your windows but also make your living spaces a more enjoyable environment every day. Professional maintenance experts recommend that you schedule window cleaning services for your home at least twice a year, however, there are several factors that affect how often you should call your local professional window cleaners for service.

Weather can play a large part in the condition of your windows. Poor weather conditions can cause dirt, dust and pollen to build up on windows more quickly, which means you should have them addressed more often to maintain their cleanliness and protect the glass.

• The type of landscaping in your region and yard may also affect your windows. Some types of trees and plants produce more debris and pollen than others, which can in turn impact how often you need to schedule window cleaning services.

• The location of windows can also affect the frequency with which you need window cleaning services. View windows should be cleaned more frequently than windows that face alleys or adjacent homes.

How Window Cleaning Protects Your Windows and Pocket Book
Professional window cleaning services offer more than spotless windows. Without regular cleaning; dirt, dust, pollen and insect residue build up on your windows, causing damage such as tiny scratches and pockmarks in the glass. This is especially true under the windy conditions we have here in Sedona and the Verde Valley.

Even if the windows are eventually cleaned, this damage can affect not only the quality of the view, but also cause deterioration of caulking and other sealing materials around the window’s frame. Over time, neglecting these factors can compromise the airtightness of multi-pane windows, causing them to become discolored, hazy and lose their efficiency thus creating the need for costly replacement.

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