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About Us

TLC Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing prides itself in providing reliable, courteous and professional quality services at affordable prices. TLC means treating your home or business like it’s our own and by delivering high quality and long lasting results. 

TLC is the local connection for all types of window cleaning and pressure washing needs for all the greater Sedona, Village of Oak Creek and Cottonwood areas. We know that your satisfaction is the key to building long term relationships and our success. 

TLC does it all - from prominent Sedona Timeshare resorts, to all types of residential and vacation rental cottages, no job is too big or too small. Plus, we can TLC your mirrors, shower doors, solar panels, even change hard to reach light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries and more.

Free Estimates: Licensed, insured and locally family owned, TLC would love the opportunity to care your home or business. For a free no-obligation estimate, call or email us today. 


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As everyone knows, clean windows and entryways are a home and businesses first impression and are a great reflection of a home’s overall care and of a business’s pride in what they do. Here are what some of our customers have to say about TLC.


"I have been using TLC Window Cleaning both for my personal homes and as a referral for all our clients that are looking for top quality work for clean windows.   I highly recommend this company for use by both residential and commercial window cleaning. Thank you."   -Rick James - Window Medics of Arizona


“We cannot speak highly enough of this company. We are an 11-room bed and breakfast inn with all sizes of windows including massive arched windows in our vaulted common area.  These windows need to be kept spotless and squeaky clean as our guests look out at the Red Rocks here in Sedona and TLC Window Cleaning never lets us down. They are very professional in every way and we trust them completely to work both outside and inside our buildings including occupied guestrooms. They keep their appointments and are very judicious with their time on the job, neither rushing nor taking excessive time to complete their work. We can’t imagine using anyone else.”  -Les & Peg Belch – Canyon Villas, Sedona AZ

Rental Owner

"TLC Window Cleaning has serviced two of my homes in Sedona and I could not be happier with their services.  They are personable, professional and highly reliable. My windows look and remain amazing for some time. They are also very responsive whenever I call.  I would highly recommend them as window cleaners and great business people."  - Debbie Obradovich


"I have hired Justin and Gary to clean the windows at my personal residence now several times because they do such a great job and even do the mirrors in my bathrooms. Both Justin and Gary take great pride in their work and always leave the areas both inside and outside the home clean, which is important to me.

I would highly recommend the to anyone who is looking for a good window cleaning company that provides both reliable and quality service to their customers."   -Patrick Basile – Sedona, AZ

Factors That Affect Your Window Cleaning Schedule

Regular window cleaning services will maintain the value of your windows while increasing your home or businesses curb appeal and making your living and work spaces a more enjoyable environment every day. Professionals recommend that you schedule window cleaning services for your home at least twice a year and business on least a quarterly basis. However, there are several factors that affect how often you should call your local professional window cleaners for service.

Weather can play a large part in the condition of your windows. Poor weather conditions can cause dirt, dust and pollen to build up on windows more quickly, which means you should have them addressed more often to maintain their cleanliness and protect the glass.
The location of windows can also affect the frequency with which you need window cleaning services. View windows should be cleaned more frequently than windows that face alleys or adjacent homes. Many home owners opt to have just the exterior of their views windows done in between they’re regular twice a year cleanings.

Vegetation in your region and yard may also affect your windows. Some types of trees and plants produce more debris and pollen than others, which can in turn impact how often you need to schedule window cleaning services.

How Window Cleaning Protects Your Windows

Professional window cleaning services offer more than spotless windows. Regular cleaning can protect your windows, increasing the return you gain on this important investment. Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust, pollen and insect residue builds up on your windows, causing damage such as tiny scratches and pockmarks in the glass, especially under windy conditions. Even if the window is eventually cleaned, this damage can affect not only the quality of the view, but also cause deterioration of caulking and other sealing materials around the window’s frame. Over time, this can compromise the airtightness of multi-pane windows, causing them to become discolored or hazy and lose their efficiency. Scheduling regular window cleaning services will ensure that all these harmful build-ups are removed before they can cause damage and wear over the long term.

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